Borrowed Words

How easy for me to live with you , Lord!

How easy to believe in you!

When my mind casts about

Or flags in bewilderment,

when the cleverest among us

cannot see past the present evening,

not knowing what to do tomorrow –

you send me the clarity to know

that you exist

and will take care

that not all the paths of goodness shall be barred.

At the crest of earthly fame

I look back in wonderment

at the journey beyond hope – to this place,

from which I was able to send mankind

a reflection of your rays.

And however long the time

that I must yet reflect them

you will give it to me.

And whatever I fail to accomplish

you surely have allotted unto others.

Alesksander Solzhenitsyn

exerted from Acceptable Words, Prayers for the Writer pg. 101

The naked and difficult truth is that often I don’t know what to say. Often, I struggle desperately to find impressive words for editors. I search the halls of my memories for an experience I pray will resonate with someone, anyone. And sometimes, nothing comes. In those tearful moments at the computer screen, I have frequently turned to this book. In those tearful moments, sometimes even my own prayers are drowned by fretful searching for something of value to say.

May you too find peace in these insightful, borrowed words.

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