Cyber Solutions for V’day

With the advent of social media and digital lives, genuine face-to-face romance has been threatened. Not only do cyber communities often trump real live conversation, I have discovered that computer viruses can also infect human relationships. Few things can kill a mood faster than the realization that a day’s work has been eaten by a cyber gremlin. The terror of a Trojan can launch frustration of colossal proportions, dragging the victim into an obsessive quest to kill the invader and reclaim his stolen files.

Imagine your girlfriend, ready for Valentine’s Day, dressed to the nines and filled with impossible expectations for a perfect evening. With thirty minutes left in the work day, you begin the process of saving documents and closing files, but before you’ve saved the most important changes…Suddenly… the blue screen of death. Madness tackles you from behind, blackness closes in, your vision narrows and all plans for the evening sink into the abyss of computer hell.

Don’t let that happen to you! Invest in softwaresecuritysolutions for ESET NOD32 Antivirus, before a Trojan, a worm or other virus has the opportunity to ruin your Valentine’s Day!

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