Our culture has…

Our culture has become obsessed with rules. Natural health is now a religion with violent opposing denominations. Some swear that whole grains are the bane of human health; others say they save lives. “Caveman” dieters say vegetarians are nuts; vegetarians promise they aren’t nuts they just eat nuts, and paleo isn’t a diet but an evil virus. In order to promote one “super” source of nutrition, media denounces another.

The world is blessed to hear Esse’s voice from a variety of directions! 

Haven Journal

Be Well

2 thoughts on “Our culture has…

  1. I agree completely with listening to your body. I actually do worse when I start journaling and folowing “rules”. I even thought about doing Bob Harper’s “The Skinny Rules”. They are actually good coming from a health stand-point, but when I actually looked at the list everyday, I felt like a failure. I also am married to someone who wants meat at every meal, so meatless days aren’t practical for me. I will say that I lost a lot of weight and learned so much about food portions when I was on Weight Watchers. Its a great program, but I knew I didn’t want to count points for the rest of my life. Its GREAT to listen to your body. There are things that I don’t eat b/c I know ME well enough to know that I can’t stop once I’ve started: pizza and french fries. However, I do eat them VERY occasionally b/c they are my favorites. For me, my body functions best when I’m eating foods that are closest to their natural form…the way God created them. BUT…we are not “no meat”, “no sugar”, “no sweeteners” kind of people. We don’t say “no” to really anything. I know there are a lot of foods that don’t help my body function well and we don’t keep those in the house, but if I feel like having a candy bar, I will. I just don’t do it on a daily basis. As I listened to my body, I also learned that I want to eat when I’m tired or sad b/c I use it for comfort. I have to be very careful to eat for fuel and not out of emotion. I loved Esse’s point when she said she doesn’t crave paprika, but the whole food that will give her what she needs. I’ve always felt this way. I crave salad!!! And, when I do, I know my body is needing vegetables. I don’t crave lettuce or carrots…but salad. 🙂 It can have a reverse affect too, which is when I noticed that my body craves what it needs. I used to live on diet cokes. I would CRAVE them!!! I realized one day that I’m not craving a diet coke, but that my body was so dependent on needing caffeine, that I would crave a diet coke. I never sat there and told myself, “man, I really want some caffeine right now”. I would “die” for a diet coke. That is when I realized for the first time that my body tells me what it needs. The same with sugar. I’ve learned that when my body is craving something sweet, its need is actually met when I eat fruit rather than typical dessert which leave me wanting more. Anyway—I could go on and on. I love the human body and how God created it so intricately to tell us what it needs…all we have to do is listen! 🙂

    1. Beth, I always learn so much from you. I love your detail and assurance. I take great confidence as I watch what God does in your life. You are indeed a great treasure to me!! Thanks!!

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