As a Christian, I’m am generally conservative when it come to politics. That applies to my historical perspective on the formation of our country and of our founding fathers. Have you ever heard of Wall Builders? It’s an excellent resource covering all aspects of the United State’s heritage. Highly recommended.

I still don’t understand it all. Every time I drive past the Masonic Temple, I wonder what it was like when George Washington was an active mason.

I do notice that many buy masonic rings here in D.C.  I wonder what has changed, and what it’s like now?

3 thoughts on “Masons

  1. Kelly, Thank you for sharing. I must read ‘Wall Builders.’
    It will compliment my latest work, ‘The Gamecocks.’ This Literary Fiction braids historical theory on North Carolina’s Lumbee Indians and The Lost Colony with a friendship that will never leave you.
    In fact it may haunt you. As you are compelled to believe that America’s first Christians survive courtesy of the grand Knights Templar.
    This is ‘The Gamecocks’ Goodreads page. Enjoy.

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