The Wisdom of Car Rental

My father has developed an art of car rental.

Dad is an independent consultant and travel comes with the territory. The wider the territory the better for an expanding, productive business. Thus the ever expanding scope of travel.

I used to chuckle at his routine of kissing my mom goodbye at the rental car location, and letting her drive his car back home to the comforts of his garage. Within seconds, he would grab the keys to a car he’d never driven before, hop behind the wheel and speed off without ever wondering if he had enough gas.

Sounds smart on one level and a little inconvenient on another. Why rent a car?

Dad explained that it is actually more affordable for his client, who reimburses all of his travel expenses. My sister used to work for a rental car company, which generously continues to extend a discount to my father. Additionally, most rental car companies offer unlimited miles, so the threat of racking up exorbitant fees no longer exists.

The companies my dad works for, generally compensate him at the rate of 56.5 cents per mile, when he drives his personal vehicle. Relative to a discounted daily rate for a compact rental car, to drive his own car would be taking advantage of his clients. By proving to them that he has their financial interests in mind, he garners their respect and strengthens the relationship.

From a personal perspective, my dad enjoys keeping his car young. Besides that, it still feels new, unique and clean for his own, un-business related purposes.


Renting a car has proved advantageous to his client, his consulting business and my dad’s personal uses.

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