You bless me with another moment of your matchless presence,

Here, in the back, alone, just this page – no pretense.

No warped smile of contentment

To disguise a heart quietly rent.

Protect me Lord, from loathful self pity

Your grace, mercy, comfort are afforded me.

There is no cause or claim on pious indignation.

This is my lot, my joy, my station.

Like Jesus, Father, make me see,

The joy, purpose, peace in waiting for Thee.

He did not moan or indicate his pain.

No cunning, “humble” lips revealed black thoughts.

His joy waited in tomorrow, with hope.

His love sought others of greater need.

Lives lost from forever.

No sight of their Father.

He chased the orphans, loved the lonely,

called the faithless, died.

His grave belied the life He was.

The life He is, He gave for me

Oh Father, help me to see and help me to be

Like the Christ who first loved me.

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