Just a quick thought about this big, bad world

It doesn’t take two minutes listening to the radio, watching the news or even chatting on the phone to think of a dozen things wrong with this world. But sometimes, I think we actually have to intentionally pause ourselves and search for the positive, optimistic, Godly things around us. Scripture says, “Every good and perfect gift comes from above.” 

To me, that means EVERY GOOD THING. Even those good things that aren’t really spiritual. Good things like smiles, delicious coffee, sunny days, rain for crops, smooth traffic, shade, a good night’s sleep, a loving puppy, a good song…

And then, there are a few times when good things just smack you in the face, in the least expected places and remind you that God is big and God is God over all the world – even in a world that doesn’t give Him credit for all the good gifts. 

Today, I’m sitting in Starbucks, working away on the book and I’m startled to hear the name, “Jesus” whispered reverently. I glance up and discover it is coming from two places.

There’s an older man, hushed on his cell phone, talking about his church and what God is doing and how they are serving God as a congregation. Two tables in front of him, there’s a man in a blue t-shirt, obviously mentoring a young husband. He’s reminding the young man that nothing can ever separate him from the love of Christ. 

As I look over at them, my gaze almost skips over a woman. Her table is tucked in the corner. I can’t see her face; it’s shrouded by her wavy, chocolate hair. But under her arm, I can see that Book that is unmistakable. The Bible lies open before her, a pen in her right hand a blue journal just to the side. 

Hmm… Good God’s gifts are everywhere. 

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