Guest Post at Haven Journal

There are two very important rules about running.

1. Don’t run unless you absolutely love it.
2. Don’t stop running when you hate it.

Between those margins, you’re safe to pursue running as a sport, or as a fun, safe and effective means to stay healthy.

Running has become the default mode of all broken exercise programs. It’s simple, requires little special equipment, can cause fast weight loss, and gee, almost everybody’s doing it. However, those who begin running as merely a painful means to an end, such as weight loss, will almost surely find themselves discouraged and maybe even injured.

If you’re sure that running is for you, if it seems to reset you emotionally and physically, if it provides you with much needed time outside in the fresh air, if it is the best start or end to your day that you can possibly imagine, then by all means, grab your shoes! And take notes, I’m going to give you a few pointers.

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