Lessons Un-learned

Well, post new toy excitement, I’m considering selling my keyboard. I bought it mere months ago with great plans for taking lessons and using it in my private worship time.

It was a Craigslist purchase and survived our move remarkably well. My husband positioned it exactly where I wanted it in the formal dining room – and there it has sat.

I played in once, one morning. As I ran my fingers down the scale, the lower “A” wheezed. Nothing resembling “ti”.

Soon, I’ll probably put the stinker back up on Craigslist in hopes of redeeming a modicum of my monetary investment. Obviously my time investment is lost.

Who knows maybe next I’ll go for the exciting gibson bill kelliher explorer electric guitar gold burst at guitar center.

2 thoughts on “Lessons Un-learned

  1. I had the opposite experience Abby. I was offered the opportunity to purchase a piano last winter and considered it an omen and an opportunity to fulfil one of my Bucket List items. I am taking piano lessons since last March (after ski season) and am loving it…


    1. Skip! I was so excited to hear from you! I do enjoy playing, but I’ve been trying to focus on writing and there’s just not time for everything (:
      Miss you guys so much!

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