I Am From…

I am from coffee, splayed journals, sticky notes and puppy slobber, from patio benches, blaring worship music and continuous


I am from the lonely spaces of a childless home and a driven husband. 


I am from spicy, masculine scents that remind me of my granddad, 

From the the roaming fragrance of cinnamon and the silky soft of coconut oil, a hint of tobacco and wet dog after a romp at the lake. 


I am from the twin golden rain trees where my sister and I dreamt homes in their branches, strung empty, green bean cans for childish conversation. 

From lean-to barns and scratchy slumber parties in the hay, 

From gravel roads and helmet-less go-kart rides, 

From bearded iris along the edges of home, where the dogs dug up Mom’s bulbs 

and crab grass flourished,

From red clay and Oklahoma dust storms, from scuffed knees and bunk bed-trundle beds.


I am from the oak tree under which we played softball, whose long limbs I remember as if they were my own.


I am from Christmas at Grandma’s, double jointed elbows and one more daughter.

I am from “God’s bounty” and “Gift from God”. 

I am from savers and teachers and strong wills and early risers.

I am from “You’re the oldest”, and “Let’s pray”, and “I love you”. 

I am from Jesus Loves Me and America the Beautiful.


I am from Texas and hybrid caucasians, Oklahoma, Kansas and Fort Bragg and Fort Benning and Fort Lewis and Fort Myer. 

I am from rich coffee, chocolate chip applesauce cake, winter soups and Hamburger Helper. 

I am from trail rides and summers at the lake and laying rail road ties. 

I am from long eyelashes and sappy songs. 

I am from yellowed pictures with mysterious names on the back, Daddy’s Bible with my name and my sisters’, a mother’s ring. 


I am from happy hands, buried treasures and trunks of unsorted photos. 


 Dear Friends, this was prompted by SheLovesMagazine and their sychroblog today for the question? Where am I from...There’s a .pdf template you may download there to write your own discovery of history. Do you know where you’re from? Perhaps not if you haven’t sat to ponder.

“You can only know where you are headed, when you know where you’ve come from.

There is a voice that gently reminds you. It is fatherly and familiar. It reorients you to where you are, who you are, and most importantly, Whose you are. That you are essential. That you are Known.

The God who knows all, knows me.
I can know my calling, because I am known.
Together we will be known as a Catalyst for change.” ~ Catalyst Atlanta 2013

One thought on “I Am From…

  1. Ahhh, my history… often I do not want to know too much about where i come from.
    Right now, I am dealing more with where I want to be and who I want to be (maybe it would be easier if I would let my past solve that a little too, but for now, my past is past).
    But there are wonderful memories I have and never let go!

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