Embrace the Silence

“A time to keep silent, and a time to speak.” Ecc. 3:7b
Silence makes most of us uncomfortable.
The silence of a vacant page is enough to rip the words right from a writer’s finger tips. So, as I frantically searched the hall of my mind and the pages of my commentaries for a way to explain to you the profundity of this word, silence, I panicked when God said, “Be still.”
“As soon as I figure this out God,” I whispered back, “As soon as you tell me what to say!”
“Be still, and know that I am God.” Ps. 46:10
The Hebrew word translated, “Be still,” is, raphah, which means: to sink down or drop into, to let it drop, let alone or to be quiet.
Has someone ever told you to, “Just drop it.”? They mean to abandon an argument or discussion, to withdraw from your frantic pursuits.
That’s what God is calling us to here. He desires to spend time with us, not only to hear our petitions or worries, but so that we can know Him and love Him more because of who He is. And that happens in silence. It happens when like a little child we come into His presence and sink down deep into His loving arms. It happens when we drop our fears, frustrations and pleas (and our discomfort in quiet).
If you’re struggling in your walk with God and feel as if you do not know Him like you want to, or don’t have a strong relationship with Him, be still. Sink into His arms and get to know Him in the silence.
This post was written for Swagga4Christ and also featured on FaithWriters daily devotional. I hope you’ll visit their incredible website and read the other inspiring and aspiring Christian authors.

3 thoughts on “Embrace the Silence

  1. Excellent advice Abby (as usual !). I think everyone has their best times to think and to be productive in those thoughts and it’s important to identify that right time. I personally love the early mornings between 5 and 7 when the birds are waking up and taking their first flight of the day. Other people have different times.

    It took me a long time to realise that prayer isn’t just about saying, but mainly about listening and thinking. Martin Luther said “The fewer the words, the better the prayer.”, so who are we to argue with him ?

    You’re right : God is trying to love us and to help us, and we need to give him that opportunity.

    Like you, I also love Ecclesiastes 3 :

    “11 God has given them a desire to know the future.
    He does everything just right and on time, but people can never completely understand what he is doing.
    12 So I realize that the best thing for them is to be happy and enjoy themselves as long as they live. 13 God wants all people to eat and drink and be happy in their work, which are gifts from God. 14 I know that everything God does will continue forever. People cannot add anything to what God has done, and they cannot take anything away from it. God does it this way to make people respect him.” (NCV)

    I learnt that God doesn’t always give what we ask for at the time when we WANT it, but so many times He has given me exact what I asked for at the time when I NEEDED it and that time can be days, months or years later. We need to trust God and leave it with him; His timing is usually better than ours, or there is a delay because we are simply not giving Him a chance to do what is needed. As you so neatly put it : “just drop it”. Also, I believe what Ecc 3 tells us i.e. God expects us to live for the present and use the gifts He has given us. One of your gifts is writing (no question of that !) and everyone has gifts to be used for a purpose in their life. It’s important for all of us to recognise them and learn how and when to use them.

    Have a peaceful day 🙂


  2. David, I can hardly keep up with your kind letters, words of wisdom and thought provoking quotes! Wow! Thank you for being such a faithful friend to share what God is teaching you, and from a vulnerable place of learning right alongside me 🙂
    It can almost seem morbid and sad to some, but I think Ecc is actually one of my very favorite books. It keeps me centered, humbled and assured. Sometimes it’s comforting to know that all is vanity and that the Creator God I serve lends all meaning to life!

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