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Maybe I have no business doing this. God, how do I know I’m doing what you want me to do?

For the third day this week, my hands felt clammy, my heart felt tired and my brain seemed to be stuffed with cotton. I’m a writer and I was wordless. I am a recovered anorexic and still not sure that I have any encouragement to offer other women struggling with eating issues.

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2 thoughts on “Guest post at FINDINGbalance

  1. I get exactly the same feeling sometimes. Not when I’m writing, but when I’m doing something else that is also very important (either important for me or for others). This blocking does NOT come from God. What it DOES mean, is that when we are being blocked, then what we are doing or attempting to do IS important and it IS valuable, or there would be no point for us to be under attack. It’s very difficult I know, but we have to find a way through it or round it and suddenly the light shines again : like it did for you ! Well, that’s my experience anyway.

    I learnt that the most important thing is that when feeling that that, one must not make any important decisions. As soon as the light and confident feeling comes back, that’s the time to move forward again. The next most important thing is to stop struggling against it but try and find a way round it by clearing the mind.

    Sometimes there is Fear but usually that’s the famous “False Evidence Appearing Real”. It’s another trick that we get caught with. Screwtape knows all about these.

    So, this is one that helped me through some difficult times : it works ! :-

    Put thou thy trust in God,
    In duty’s path go on;
    Walk in His strength with faith and hope,
    So shall thy work be done.
    Give to the winds Thy fears;
    Hope, and be undismayed;
    God hears thy sighs and counts thy tears;
    God shall lift up thy head.

    Through waves, and clouds, and storms,
    His power will clear thy way;
    Wait thou His time, the darkest night
    Shall end in brightest day.

    – John Wesley (trans. From Paul Gerhardt)

  2. David, I’ve never thought of it that clearly – your specific suggestions for those dark moments are really helpful! I’m going to write them in my journal 🙂
    You are so well read, I’m jealous of your wealth of knowledge of such a wide variety of Christian apologists and prolific encouragers. Blessings Friend!

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