Five Minute Friday: Tree

I love tree rain! I walked my dog at one of our favorite rule-bound parks (the kind that require a leash). I was stunned by my Father’s creativity. Combining the mediums of foliage and rain, He sent crispy leaves showering from heights untouched by humanity. I wonder why, since I’m made in His image, and I have a desire to create beauty as He does, why am I so stuck right now? His work seems so effortless and yet my mind is churning more violently than the leaves now swirling in tiny tornados across the path. I have nothing to say. But this desperation to leave something on the page today, this insistence that I’ve failed if no ink smears are found on my thumb and right wrist later, this frustration is strangling me.

Five Minute Friday

2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Tree

  1. A nice image Abby ! I always find falling leaves a bit sad, as I prefer the spring and summer. However, as with everything, there is a positive side (as you saw). Also, once the leaves are off the trees at the south end of our garden I can climb up and trim the tops, as the sun is dipping behind them now. Also, we are now looking forward to a trip to Greece in December and skiing in the French Alps in January. We’ve had some nice flying weather this week too.

    So, for your blocked feeling (which we all get sometimes), my borrowed words of wisdom are :

    – “The more you fight a feeling the more it consumes you and controls you. You strengthen it every time you think it. Turn your attention to something else !”
    (Rick Warren). To tell you the truth, I tried it and it works !

    – “To worry yourself to death with resentment would be a foolish, senseless thing to do. You are only hurting yourself with your anger” (Job 5 ..)

    Therefore, I’d say take a break. I think if you go for a long, long run with Brave you are more likely to get fresh inspiration that way !
    Anyway, don’t be tough on yourself, you have shared a huge number of brilliant thoughts and words with us and if there is a pause for a few days, we readers will have some time that we really do need to catch up with what you have already written and said 🙂

    take care and have a nice peaceful weekend !


  2. David, your words revive my spirit. The words of a wise friend cannot be compared. Thank you so, so much. It’s funny how sometimes I need permission to relax. Your permission is welcomed, accepted and will be employed! And my goodness! Rick Warren has been gifted with wisdom on so many subjects! The fact that you can find a quote and share it with such exquisite timing is amazing.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well. Do you plan to go flying?

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