Five Minute Friday – “Flying”

Of all the things I can’t do and would give anything to be able to do, flying soars at the top of the list. How many times as I kid did I climb as high as possible, jump down with arms spread and imagine that just for one split second, I was flying?

Of all the things I find most tantalizing about heaven (besides seeing Jesus of course) flying wins. But even that sounds  pious, I have to admit I’m pretty excited about racing the angels, swooping over fields of death-defying flowers, diving beneath waterfalls as they spill from heaven to new earth.

There’s something so delicious about the idea of flying, unhindered, unsupported, not enclosed in a metal tube – but free and independent. I think my heart would feel like a yawning cavern, open to drink in and soak up and never fill with joy unspeakable and awesome.


You should definitely check out 5 minute fridays! It’s such a freeing feeling – like flying for writers!

6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – “Flying”

  1. Abby, dropping in from Lisa-Jo’s today, and have enjoyed laughing at the same thoughts running through my mind when I was a little girl, but now that I’m a grandma I had just about forgotten about my hope to fly with the angels. Thanks for the reminder!

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