A Look Back at Bodies

Given the nature of Predatory Lies, and heading into the New Year, it seems fitting to analyze the past year’s messages about our bodies. Prepare to be challenged, incensed and finally relieved and encouraged!

“Taylor Swift didn’t Fit” a VS Angel Claims

When we determine our heroes by their sex appeal…Don’t let someone with bad brows tell you about life

A Purpose for Every Body – Can you guess this Olympian’s sport?

Finally, this one will bolster your heart and send you into the New Year with wind beneath your wings. The ever-profound and dearly loved: Ann Voskamp

A Holy Experience


4 thoughts on “A Look Back at Bodies

  1. Hi Abby, some very interesting points here ! Thanks for that.
    Yes, I agree it’s a huge mistake to compare people either with oneself or others. As God created us for different purposes, it’s His business not ours what we look like or how we are built. However, I don’t think there is anything wrong with admiring people for how they are and what they achieved with what they have. However, we should NEVER be under pressure to please people. Pleasing God is all that matters, everything else will follow.

    I really like the “Holy Experience” piece !
    We could also add : “A boy makes his girl jealous of other women. A gentleman makes other women jealous of his girl” (David Bonderoff).

    As always, I learnt a lot from Rick Warren on this :
    “God gives us different passions so that everything he wants done in the world will get done.”

    In an interview he gave some very good advice :

    – The sermon is part of an ongoing series, “You Make Me Crazy,” about the “crazymakers” in people’s lives. Warren has extended the series through the end of July because of positive response from the congregation.
    The “crazymaker,” in the case of the sermon on people pleasing, is ourselves, said Warren.

    He quoted Jesus from verse John 5:41 in a translation that reads: “Your approval or disapproval means nothing to me.”

    “One of the things Jesus sets us free from is the expectation of others,” Warren said. “If you are looking to any human being to meet your needs you are going to be severely disappointed because nobody can meet all your needs. Only God can meet all your needs. You better put your happiness in somebody and something that cannot be taken from you and that is your relationship to Jesus Christ. You need to look to God.”

    Warren listed six things to remember when struggling with excessive people-pleasing:

    1. Even God can’t please everybody.
    2. I don’t need anyone’s approval to be happy.
    3. What seems so important now is only temporary.
    4. I only have to please one person – God my creator.
    5. One day I will give an account of my life to God.
    6. God shaped me to be me.

    Read more at http://www.christianpost.com/news/rick-warren-you-cant-please-everyone-78073/#4fCr0vpaOo1kIal5.99

  2. BTW : what a wonderful expression of yours : “and send you into the New Year with wind beneath your wings” ! As an aviator that goes straight to my heart 🙂

  3. Thanks for including the link, David! A definite must-read for me. I love how you pull our things that I don’t often see in my first read of something. Intentional reading -um, slow, as we’ve talked about- is a New Years resolution!

  4. Bodies are bodies. You need to take care of what you have been given and use them in any way you can for God. We can focus too much on bodies.

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