LASTing Peace, Week 17, This One’s For You

2 thoughts on “LASTing Peace, Week 17, This One’s For You

  1. Abby, I appreciate your blog, and also nice to hear your voice and get acquainted through an audio presentation. Beyond that, even though your blog is for the female audience, as one gentleman, I appreciate being reminded that God repairs and redeems us daily, if we will let Him, despite our fave sins, addictions, foibles, past and maybe present. I wish you well with your book and would be interested to read it if it will be in audio form. Will be back to visit soon and invite you to do the same at my blog, grafted in and on the journey at blog spot. Shalom today!

    1. David, I will most certainly come check out your blog and I’m honored that you visited mine 🙂
      For now, my book is available in Kindle format (enabled for text to voice) and will be in print in March. Perhaps we could exchange book reviews. Many blessings!

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