5 Minute Friday

Growing up, I was told, “Maybe your spiritual gift is encouragement. You’re a Barnabas.” Honestly, that didn’t sound like a very awesome spiritual gift. I mean, anyone can do that right? But I think what makes Encouragers different from those who occasionally, situationally offer encouragement, is sincerity. It takes a depth of sincerity to look optimistically into all circumstances, multiple failures and search for the grimy diamond in the rough. And it takes wisdom because sometimes the best encouragement means NOT saying the right thing, in fact, not saying anything at all. 

I’m certainly not tooting my own horn here. I’m still in “debation” (a word my sister made up) as to whether or not I am an Encourager. But I do know a few such individuals. That would be my youngest sister and my friends Beth and Dana. 

I want to be an Encourager. I want to spur one another on to love and good deeds. But I just learned today that “spur” doesn’t mean always saying the right and “nice” things. It’s more like a spur in the side of a horse, a burr under the saddle, a little bit of an irritating nudge sometimes. 

thoughts inspired by this lovely woman: Lisa Jo Baker

2 thoughts on “5 Minute Friday

  1. I love the visual you gave, that an encourage isn’t just someone who says nice things, but someone who sometimes gives a little kick in the pants. It truly is a gift to know how to do that well.

    1. It’s definitely the harder part of an encourager to appreciate – in the moment. But later… so glad God put them there 🙂

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