5 Minute Friday “Visit”

A visit, a casual thing until it’s just out of reach. I don’t really think you can visit on the phone, and I know you can’t visit via email. Nice try. 

No, a visit is cheek-time, blue-to-brown-eye-time, coffee time or a good cold beer time. A visit is longer than “Hello” but needn’t last for weeks either. 

I miss, so much, visits with my sisters. I miss visits with Dana and Beth and Chrissy and…

And I really think what gets me through the visit drought is my daily visits with God. I’ve never thought of them in that context before. But that standing commitment, every single morning with a good cup of coffee, a blanket over my knees, a Bible and a pen in hand. Now that’s a visit. I don’t remember when it actually started to happen, but I’m so thrilled that it’s now a two-way conversation. I mean, who wants to do all the talking all the time? I love that Jesus interrupts me and that He’s never offended or uncomfortable when I cry. I love that He won’t move away or let me either. I love that we like the same things and our tastes are becoming more similar. 

Five Minute Fridays are the brainchild of: LisaJo Baker

9 thoughts on “5 Minute Friday “Visit”

  1. Wonderful post – I’m a neighbor from 5MF. One of the first things I learned when re-establishing my time with God was to sit still and listen and not do all the talking. It’s amazing what He tells me when I’m quiet.

    Thanks for sharing!


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