Book Review: Passion Pursuit, by Linda Dillow and Julie Slattery

If the perfection of one’s marriage was directly related to the number of Bible studies they completed on the subject, my husband and I would be living in utopia.

I’ve done studies on marriage by men and by women, in groups and by myself. I’ve sat beneath the tutelage of the study’s authors themselves. I’ve lead studies on marriage. Not only studies, but I’ve read most the books on the shelf—books by Gary Smalley, Kevin Lehman, Kay Arthur, Les and Leslie Parrot and James Dobson. 

Guess what. Marriage is still tough sometimes. 

So when I picked up Passion Pursuit, I wasn’t expecting anything revolutionary. Thankfully, it is solidly based on Scripture, so the motivating truth behind the message remains unchanged: God ordained marriage between one man and one woman and He ordained that sex be enjoyed only within the bonds of marriage. 

Passion Pursuit does differ in a couple very effective ways. First, authors Linda Dillow and Julie Slattery, focus exclusively on the sexual aspect of marriage. They do not deviate into communication issues, parenting or even spend much time on the headship-submission debacle. (The time they do spend on that topic reveals that it’s not really a debacle at all.)

Secondly, Dillow and Slattery are refreshingly vulnerable and open in this book about their own intimate lives with their husbands, their own struggles and successes. In fact, it’s this honesty that lends to book a mentoring tone, a coffee-cup-and-couch feeling, and enables the reader to answer their questions honestly and without embarrassment. 

The book is laid out in a typical, weekly Bible study format. Ten weeks of lessons are divided into five day weeks. The average lesson is 2-3 pages long but that includes space for whimsical graphics and side bars. Each week has a short introduction. Each lesson has a paragraph or two of lead-in, after which it is basically Scripture, question, answer. 


I simply read Passion Pursuit as a book my first time through. It is engaging, humous and actually a fun read. However, the questions are pointed and searching. I admit, I’m a little nervous about working through it slowly, day-by-day. But I do know that the effort and required honesty will deepen my love for God, and in turn my understanding of how He intended sex to be and how to fully enjoy it with my husband.

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