Your Story, The Irrefutable Argument

All credit for the clever title and crux of this message are given to Louie Giglio of #passioncitychurch. This series, Winsome, is changing my life and validating my #story!

2 thoughts on “Your Story, The Irrefutable Argument

  1. Good point Abby. It does look to me like an irrefutable argument ! (what a great expression). It’s 100% true that, on our own, we could not have got from where we were to where we are now. There is no question of that. Jesus promised us that the truth will set us free and his promise was fulfilled – no more lies, only the truth. He brought us to where we are now in new lives. I remember what Rick Warren said : “The happiest people in the world are those who hang on to what God says and follow it, regardless of what their feelings say”. When those who are short of faith see people like you, shining with joy, enthusiasm and love, that picture is worth thousands of words and how can they possibly argue with that ?

  2. You’re absolutely right, David. It’s so hard sometimes to go against our “feelings” but always, always worth it ultimately. Often the old saying “truth hurts” is right on, but it’s only the other side, living in the light of the truth that we find real peace and joy!

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