Just the Appetizer…

business-graphics-1428656-mFriends, bear with me–allow me to share a bit more borrowed wisdom. This piece by Desiring God ministries speaks precisely to some of our current conversation about dealing with unknowns, finances and even idolatry. I would love to hear your thoughts!

“Because of what the Bible warns about wealth, Christians quickly become some of the most vigilant about their incomes, investments, and donations — and that is a good and right trend as a whole.


Perhaps a love of money has less to do with its presence or absence, and more to do with its hold in our hearts. Maybe it has less to do with whether we have more or less money, and more to do with whether our thoughts, conversations, and budgets are excessively focused on it.


As an illustration, the same warning can be applied to people “stewarding their bodies” by being obsessive about counting calories and running miles. How easy it is to take “Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit” (1 Corinthians 6:19), and make the place for worship (your body) the prize of worship (your god). The body becomes god and God is forgotten.”

These are only delicious morsels of the full article my Marshall Segal. Please, go devour the whole thing!


2 thoughts on “Just the Appetizer…

  1. God never said money was sinful. The LOVE of money is sinful. There is nothing wrong with being wealthy. When people believe the lie that wealth is sinful, then they can fall into another sinful trap of hoarding. We shouldn’t hoard things that we can’t take with us. It’s a heart issue. Just like food. Food is not sinful…it’s how we use food in our lives. It is a heart/flesh issue. And, like the article says, as Christians our bodies are temples for God. So we can even look at sex. It is not sinful, but if we misuse it and take it out of the god-intended purpose of marriage, then it is sinful. Most things that we have freedoms to can all become sinful if we allow our flesh to be in control. Great thoughts in the article!

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