Drastic Changes

IMG_0481-1Dearest friends,

Forgive me for defaulting on my initial promise not to miss a single week of LASTing Peace. Here is it, the second Monday of my travels and the last day of them as well. So, here I am, half-way home, hibernating in a corner of Chicago Midway, hoping desperately not to be much delayed. (I have the worst luck with airlines).

This past week has been bananas, moving one sister into her new home and celebrating one of my nephews’ first birthday and my dad’s 60th. Additionally, there have runs to the ER and the startling news that my husband will be deploying in October to Liberia for 9 months–to join the fight against Ebola. I covet your prayers for him.

I’m hurrying home to spend a few more precious days with him. I hope to settle back into a groove quickly, but I know in truth that my facade of routine will crumble overnight when he leaves. Then, I’ll rally a new form of normal for a time. No doubt, God will use this time to inform much of our conversations here for the next year.

Because He Lives.

3 thoughts on “Drastic Changes

  1. Praying for you and your husband for the next 9 months. One of my friend’s husband just returned from about 9 months deployment. she was so lonely even though she had 3 kids and 1 on the way. I wish you were closer.

  2. Oh, Abby! I can only imagine the emotions this past week has brought for you… will be in prayer for you and Patrick as you are apart, and I am always amazed at the way God uses these types of situations to strengthen His children 🙂

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