Book Review: The Daughter of Highland Hall

The Daughter of Highland Hall, is a winsome story of love prevailing against all odds. Author, Carrie Turansky, does an excellent job of detailing her characters from the inside out. Every reader will find themselves somewhere within the intricacies of an individual personality. Turansky seamlessly carries the plot from the prequel, The Governess of Highland Hall, into the love story of the next generation.

The formality and exclusivity of London’s high society threaten to keep John and Katherine apart. John is compelled to serve God with his life, but torn between whether continue his father’s missionary work in India or work among the poverty stricken in London. Katherine is pressured by her aunt Louisa to pursue a wealthy husband and elevate her family’s status.

Carrie Turansky highlights the qualities of morality, faithfulness, humility, forgiveness and service in this story.

While fairly predictable, The Daughter of Highland Hall, is still a compelling story. Every night, I looked forward a quiet hour entering the lives of this endearing family.

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