LASTing Peace, Did You Want Society’s Permission?

Has society, through the pages of Sport’s Illustrated, finally given us permission to be curvy? Did you want or need their permission?

2 thoughts on “LASTing Peace, Did You Want Society’s Permission?

  1. First off, I REALLY love your posts. I think you make some good points In this particular post. Why were we ever waiting for someone to tell us when it was socially acceptable to be curvy before we could actually be that? On the flip side, I becam sick with an eating disorder very young. Although now I can think “why do I need others affirmation to be what God wants,” i wonder if adoescents are able to consider this. I do think that for young adolescents/children to see a plus size model is a good example that they can be good just as God created them to be. The striving to be anything less than what God intends starts to lose momentum.

    1. Nicole, Great point! Thank you for bringing that up. Teenagers (and younger) are not always able to articulate, identify and escape the pressures of media and its predatory images. In that case, it’s wonderful that a public figure is making it “cool” to be curvy–and normal!! 🙂

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