Guest on the Parker J Cole Show

I was so honored to be interviewed on the Parker J. Cole Show this afternoon. If you missed it, you can listen to the full interview here:–beyond-belief.

I’d love to read your thoughts or comments here!


One thought on “Guest on the Parker J Cole Show

  1. Thank you Abby!

    So wonderful to hear your voice and heart expounding even more on the book. Thanks for posting this since I didn’t get to listen live. I’m doing a study now on Spiritual Gifts, but really loving thinking about how even though we may not all have every Spiritual Gift the same, as a Believer with these Holy Spirit inside us, we all have the same resources of the Fruits of the Spirit in us, if we will just allow that fruit to flourish by getting our “selves” out of the way.

    – Michelle Elaine

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