Nuggets: Hang Your Hope Up

flicker5-copy-4I’m hanging my hope on …

We’ve all said this at one time or another, or admonished someone else, “Don’t hang your hopes on that!”

Where is it safe to hang your hopes? Are you sometimes afraid to even identify what you hope for, for fear that it will never come to fruition? That if you hang it up, it will dangle precariously and then crash at your feet in a thousand pieces? Another common phrase is “hopes dashed to pieces.” We all know the feeling and the gut-wrenching sound of shattering hope.

So again, where is it safe to hang your hope?

Psalm 62:5 says, “For God alone, Oh my soul, wait in silence, for my hope is from him.” That’s the ESV, but KJV words it this way, ” … for my expectation is from Him.”

That word “expectation” in the Hebrew is tiqvah and actually means: cord, expectation, hope.

I can picture a cord with all my hopes swinging from it.

I wrote recently about expectation in marriage and how quickly it can dissolve intimacy. I also read this: It Takes a Lot to Build a Marriage and Only One Thing to Kill It.  I can personally attest to hanging high hopes on my husband–hopes that he often doesn’t even know about since he can’t read my mind. And then, having them hopelessly crushed when he is unable to fulfill my lofty, mysterious expectations.

Do you know why he cannot fulfill them? Because in the end of Psalm 62 it says, ” … power belongs to God, and that to you, O Lord, belongs steadfast love.”

God alone has the power to meet my expectations. He only knows the desires of my heart (even before I voice them–even before I identify them). He alone is the safe place to hang my hope. 

Where is yours today? Is your hope safe?

4 thoughts on “Nuggets: Hang Your Hope Up

  1. I love this one, hanging my hope on Jesus alone! I am practicing that and it is not easy, nor do I really know how well I am doing at it, but I do know it is true, and it really makes a difference for me when I can get it right! Thanks for writing that! I love you Abby! Have a beautiful, safe, joyful, and peaceful Christmas season! 🙂

    1. I miss you Tina! I miss winter walks and heart sharing. I’m glad we can still keep in touch even if it’s far away. Love you!

  2. Thanks Abby, this was something I needed to read today. So blessed for how you continually speak words of LIFE into my life. Love you and praying for you and your new little one and husband this Christmas!

  3. Michelle,

    I’m so thrilled God spoke to you through this today. He brought it front and center in my time with him this morning. He is so good! Merry Christmas and all my love to you, too!

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