LASTing Peace, Week 31, Being Okay With Me

Our first question!

To submit your own question, please comment here or tweet #QandApredatorylies, or you can message me on Facebook at: or on Pamela Black’s page:


LASTing Peace, Week 30 Q and A!


We are going to open the floor for questions!

Every week, I will respond to one (or more if there’s time) question here on LASTing Peace.

Pamela Black is going to help me with this, answering any questions that you would like to put to her about motherhood or growing in grace and faith.

You can ask me anything–questions about eating disorders, treatment options, addictions, faith in Jesus Christ…anything!

We are starting a Twitter conversation using the #QandApredatorylies. Also, you can leave your questions on my blog, or you can contact Pamela or myself through our Facebook pages as well.

So many options–I hope so many questions. This will be fun!
Looking forward to hearing from you.

(We will be accepting questions starting now through May 12.)

I’ll Be On With Parker J. Cole Tonight!

From Parker Cole:

Lies do more than just hide the truth. They do more than just hurt other people. They eat away at you, consume you until there is nothing of the real person left. With an utterance, they dig their way into our bodies, festering and growing like a sore that won’t heal.

Lies are predators. They come in many forms. We tend to associate lies with a person. Yet, these insidious parasites attach themselves to us any way that can.

They can attack our sense of beauty. Both men and women are the intended victims. What are some of the things we are willing to do to be the handsomest, the strongest, the prettiest? This desire to be perfect in an imperfect world leads to a host of problems that plague us.

Join me as I sit down with Abby Kelly, author of the book, The Predatory Lies of Anorexia: A Survivor’s Story as we talk about this topic. You can call in at 646-595-2083, press 1 to be live on air. Or you can download the WLUV radio app. Anyway you can, join us.

Or follow this link! See you tonight!

Get a Signed Copy of My Book for $10 and Free Shipping!

Final Book Cover

Would you like a paperback copy of, The Predatory Lies of Anorexia: A Survivor’s Story? What’s better than a signed copy for less than you can pay at Amazon?

Contact me using the form below and I’ll send you a signed copy of my book for only $10 with free shipping!

Wish You Were There!

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Thank you to Perfect Peace Christian Lifestyle Store in Wichita, Kansas, for hosting my book signing last Saturday! A special thanks to sweet friends who came to encourage me and brighten the day even more. If you missed the event, and you live in the Wichita area, my book, The Predatory Lies of Anorexia: A Survivor’s Story is now on the shelves at Perfect Peace, so you can pick up your own copy.

Today, in lieu of a video, I’m sharing a brief slideshow from the event. I hope you enjoy it, and I covet your prayers as we go forward that this book would be life-giving to the hurting and bring glory to God!