the naked truth about abortion – 40 years later

Nothing is more intrinsically naked than a baby’s soft, round bottom. Following thoughts of the 2013 One Word, Naked, I am unable to avoid the topic of abortion. And it is timely, as today, January 25, 2013 is the 40th Annual March for Life here in Washington D.C.

So much deception and confusion buries the simple fact that abortion takes a life. Lies about viability, safety, cost, options and more, prevent many women from making a truly informed decision. But truth is available. I recently learned about a couple of resources that I believe are important to share.

No one can accuse Carol Everett of being ignorant or uninformed. After having an abortion, she found herself later working in a clinic. She has experienced both the personal pain of an abortion and the lucrative income it can provide. But God demanded her attention in a startling way, and she walked away from her job. Now she is the founder of The Heidi Group and works tirelessly to reach a compassionate hand to post-abortive women.

Nakedness involves unveiling the truth, laying it bare before the world and defending it.