Does the Source of our Value Change as We Age?

I shamelessly admit that I am taking advantage of some other people’s prose this month. I’m giving myself permission to rest from producing new content and instead, seeking out relevant content on other websites to share with you. It’s a humbling thing, actually, to read the wisdom and thoughts of others and then wonder – why didn’t I think of that?

Here, we talk a lot about self perception and body image. A new campaign at an all-girl’s Catholic school is trying to change the message their students receive and believe about themselves, their capabilities and their futures.

According to this article, even Disney is getting on the bandwagon, revamping the traditional princess.


School’s Girl Power Ad Campaign Sends the Right Message

And here’s one that addresses the same topic, but from the opposite perspective. It might make your blood boil. Does the source of our value change as we age?

Does Inner Beauty Exist?