In living color

All of me is wrapped up in you, and
all else fades away.
Like shedding skin,
Cover I’ve been in.
butterfly27The world I know escapes my grasp.
And slips beyond my vision.
Raw for seconds, I lay in quiet fear.
Open, wounded, at death’s mercy.

Then Glory’s shadow falls over me,
And all my effort dims.
A chrysalis, enveloped me
I woke to fairest Son.

Curled to face a different day
Fetal in pain and fear.
“Raw sores,” I cry, “Raw wounds.
One broken such as I.”

But where the pain?

The Son warms, He does not burn,
Merely struggling to breathe, I wait.

It came in gulps, cold and deep.
I fought to crawl ‘neath gossamer wings
Strange, new in brilliance above.

What’s this now? How this change?
I lay to cry and woke to sing.
I lay to die and woke to life.
I lay to resign and woke to
no rule but love, 
no law but need,
No need but Him.

How this rest, whence comes this peace?
In His eyes, my soul returns and weeps
with joy.
In His gaze my wings unfurl
In His breath, my wings catch flight.
Oh, and in and through Him
Comes this peace I own.
And fly daily free, unhindered
Round His great and loving throne.