Salty Fairytale

Once upon a time

EverAfter sounded like hell.

Days much longer on

clay-cracked earth

Resounding death knell.

I fell defeated to my knees

Slipping down through

Hopeless days.

There was you.

Pitched forward, I expected

To fall forever.

There was you

Who caught my feeble hands.

For a time I yet knew

Nothing but the salt of

 My own tears,

Denied, stubborn love.

Nothing’s changed.

My world still cracks and sways.

But pitched forward, I lean

Into stable arms and lend-ed breath.

LIke a fairytale

I stand in the embrace

Of everafter.

Clasped in the arms

 Of eternity’s King.

Cracked, clay earth

A scarce memory.

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