Between Heaven and Stone

Abba, there’s a rush of Heaven-water out my window.

Sounds of earth and stones gulping, swallowing and gasping,

For more of Heaven’s gift.

Cool and pelting, still soft and warm

Against skin and mud and leaves.


Autumn burnt and crispy till,

Heaven wishes them soggy and limp.

The boldest ones still hang on branches

drip, drip, drip.

Almost xylophone, the pavement pings

a different tone

Than petal, blade or stone.

Night refuses to rest her head,

Keeps one lid drooping over dawn.

Salty Fairytale

Once upon a time

EverAfter sounded like hell.

Days much longer on

clay-cracked earth

Resounding death knell.

I fell defeated to my knees

Slipping down through

Hopeless days.

There was you.

Pitched forward, I expected

To fall forever.

There was you

Who caught my feeble hands.

For a time I yet knew

Nothing but the salt of

 My own tears,

Denied, stubborn love.

Nothing’s changed.

My world still cracks and sways.

But pitched forward, I lean

Into stable arms and lend-ed breath.

LIke a fairytale

I stand in the embrace

Of everafter.

Clasped in the arms

 Of eternity’s King.

Cracked, clay earth

A scarce memory.

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Earth Groans

The earth groaned yesterday.

It declared your intention to complete the world.


I miss the tiny petals as flowers unfurl.

In day-to-day I oft don’t see

The miracle  occuring in the stretching of a tree.

Beneath the huff of invisitble breaths,

Or the life that blooms from death.

The single kept promise of the rising of the sun,

The course the seasons silently run.

The simple thoughts of love you carry,

Between hearts and minds.

Not the under-groan

Of earth for home.

The forever you promised

All things new.