A Few Changes

I think it’s time to implement some changes around here, so I welcome your feedback. Starting in October, and maybe just for October, let’s lighten the mood and lessen the load. I’m only going to post three days a week during October – Monday, Wednesday, Friday, with the occasional page-vomit in the middle when I just can’t keep my words to myself (:

I want to devote some extra time to researching related blogs and making some friends in the blogsphere.

So,  if you’re interested in the content you read here and would like to guest post on Predatory Lies, or have me write for your blog, please contact me. Also, I am available for hire to write for Christian blogs, blogs covering health and fitness or poetry; blogs discussing eating disorders and blogs about being a military spouse .

We will also explore some different content here. For the month of October:

Monday will be a “healthified” recipe. I call some of my personal creations “recipes for recovery” as they have encouraged me to find ways to eat and enjoy foods that used to be triggers or fear foods for me.

Wednesday will be my Weakest Moments. Here I am going to be really vulnerable. I am truly seeking the Lord right now for conviction in any hidden areas of my heart. I want to know where my thoughts or behaviors are threatening my intimate relationship with Jesus.

And Friday will be a FREEBIE! Anything I want to share. Funny or otherwise, poetic or prose. Original or content so good it must be repeated. Also, FREEBIES might mean giveaways more than once too! So make sure to leave your comments!

I hope you don’t mind the variety for one month. After that, we’ll re-evaluate if Predatory Lies should return to the original format or morph into a combination of phases one and two. Please, leave your feedback – your opinion is what matters most.


First, the big news!  Next Thursday you are going to privileged to read a post by one of my dearest friends, Beth Petrashek.  You can check out her blog here.  But you have to promise to visit “Predatory Lies” again – even when she isn’t guest posting!

Beth and I went to Oklahoma State University together, albeit a few years apart.  Almost accidentally, we met at a Bible study her junior year.  Our hearts grew together quickly.  Beth is “the friend that sticks closer than a brother.”  She is more honest with me, whether it be in encouragement or conviction, than anyone else I know.  How I love her.

Beth is married to Ken Petrashek and lives in Stillwater, OK.  The only thing she loves more than her husband is Jesus.  Welcome Beth, and thank you for sharing.  I love you!

(And one little announcement: Occasionally I write for other websites.  Today I wrote an article on encouraging Bible verses.  If I hadn’t written it there, I should have posted it here!  So, here’s the link.)