Book Review: Impervious by Heather Letto

It’s like a long shadow recoiling, slowly releasing it’s prey to reach toward ever-present sunlight. That’s how Impervious, the new book by Heather Letto, feels.

The heroine initiates readers, dragging them along through dank tunnels stretched beneath the city of Impervious. Fran is a Rebel, staunchly Unaccountable to the oppressive Council. She, and many like her, took to the city underground when The Council’s abusive arm became too long. Lifespans shortened, like blind sheep many surrendered their lives to the elitist Council, every move of every living being was monitored and the sky closed in.

Four generations after The War, merely a fact in the history books to fifteen-year-old Fran, Impervious has become a sealed city. The earth was destroyed in The War and humanity built a protected city, safe from the hostile environment that took over earth.

At first, the human leadership, overseen by Marcus, sought the best interests of all people. But power went to their heads. Over time Marcus, and those he deemed worthy, tightened their grip on the captive audience. Once, the people had hoped to return to a restored earth, but now, it seems impossible. Marcus closed the portal, the only escape from Impervious. Most have forgotten it even existed and accepted that they will never live on earth again. Meanwhile, people are declining faster and faster, dying younger and younger. Fran wonders, is life worth living like this?

From the dingy underground tunnels of Impervious, Letto, withdraws the mystery with tantalizing skill. At the close of each chapter, she dangles a morsel so tempting that the reader can barely put the book down. Hence, my description of a shadow. The story line arcs slowly; for moments I felt in the dark—what on earth is happening? But with great skill, Letto brings each question to light then presents the next one.

The best reference I can give for this book is Hunger Games meets the Gospel. Letto never throws religion in the reader’s face, but the subplot is unmistakable. From the destruction of earth, the pseudo life of men in their walled-off city of Impervious, to the hope of restoration to a new earth, everything is there: the fall, redemption and the new earth of Revelation 21:1.

Without Letto’s imagination, it’s impossible to portray this story adequately and not spoil the ending. Suffice to say, every element of an excellent story is there: mystery, an endearing heroine, multi-dimensional characters, unique description, empathy and a satisfying conclusion. Everyone will enjoy this book; science fiction readers will discover their new favorite author.

A Conversation with New Author, Heather Letto

Dear Friends,

You’re in for a treat today! Author Heather Letto, is a new friend of mine. We are both represented by the phenomenal, intuitive, Christian agent, Vanessa Grossett. The first book in Heather’s new Impervious series, Lone Wolf, will debut on shelves in May 2014. Today, my lucky readers get an inside look into Heather Letto – the writer.

Please, introduce yourself beneath this post, visit Heather’s website, ask her questions, and by all means, mark your calendars for May so you can be one of the first to get your hands on her book!

Welcome Heather!

You wrote a piece titled “Dream On” on your blog. Tell me about your dreams as a little girl, besides wanting to be a princess. 🙂 Did some of those dreams influence the character development or settings in your stories?

As a little girl, I played ‘pretend’ like nobody’s business, taking my characters to the N-th degree. I was a girl IN the 70’s so when I put on a record, I was Cher. I didn’t play house, I was Fonzi’s wife. While doing flips and cartwheels in my front yard, I was Nadia Comanci. In other words, when I hung out, I weaved myself right into a story. As you can imagine, to date each female protagonist who I’ve created tends to be a quirky, fierce girl who thinks she can take on the world.

When did you start writing or telling stories? Is it something you have always enjoyed doing?

I’ve always been a tale teller. However, my quirkiness didn’t find its proper place on a page until my mid-30’s. Life was a little rough at that time and that’s when I discovered my ability to take ridiculous or tedious moments and cloak then with humor. As I re-created what originally was a headache or heartache I was able to see the silver linings on many a gray clouds.

What motivates you to write? Do you go outside to straighten your thoughts and get inspiration or listen to music or free write? What works for you?

My true inspiration is God, plain and simple. A lot of prayer goes into my writing and I truly feel that when I create, the Holy Spirit is my driving force. I find him in the gym as a pray during a workout, on a nature stroll or even just sitting at my kitchen table.  It doesn’t matter… whenever I call upon Him, He shows up.

Who are your favorite authors or favorite books? Do you read any specific genres most?

I’m a die-hard fan of YA. Veronica Roth, Suzanne Collins and Lauren Oliver are my current A-listers. However, they have to battle with Beth Moore and Pricilla Shirer for my attention. And my favorite up and coming author–Nicole Quigley. (Like Moonlight at Low Tide…a work of art!)

Did you discover or learn anything while writing your book? Something about yourself or your own experiences or even about God?

Oh, always! God is constantly teaching me and pulling me deeper into my faith as I work.

Tell me a little about your family.

I am a blessed, blessed woman! I’m the proud mother of two God-fearing and very successful young men who are just starting to get their paws wet in this wonderful world. I am the wife of an amazingly supportive and fabulously successful software designer husband. I originally was sprung from a very quirky and loving home with a crazy mom & dad, sister & brother who helped form me into the weirdo I am today. P.S.  I love  my cats.

What do you like to do when you are not writing?

Because I taught fitness for 20+ years, I have a hard time sitting still. I totally enjoy a hard gym workout, a hike in the woods, a long bike ride, a refreshing swim, paddling a kayak or a few hours on the tennis court. Oh… my newest obsessions is figure skating… and one day I’m gonna be good!  😀