Conclussions and confusion…and time

I have quite literally wrung my brain dry with this investigation of eschatology. I have decidedly fallen into the camps of Partial Preterists. I have no insights left to impart, simply the bearing of the Holy Spirit on my own spirit, which leads me to this conclusion.

If you want to read more about this topic, here a couple useful links: Ligonier Articles  and a Wikipedia definition. 

Changing the subject…

If time had walls,

What would frame this hour?

Would I find safety in the confines?

Fewer lost moments, bleeding in chaos from one to the next?

Who would share this hour-room with me?

Would the doors be open?

Walls hung with color and beauty?

Homey? Or shuddering will we

Hustle to leave, lock the door and run

To another moment and hope to stay…

even as time slips past?

No, time is like adornment. Jesus,

Dress me in scarlet to brighten rainy hours.

But as the whirlwind moments pass,

Seamlessly, like seasons, unthought freedom,

I change.

Finding comfort in each dress and shoe

To walk the proverbial halls of time.

Yesterday, I wore a garland of buds

And slept wrapped in a blanket of cashmere.

In each moment hangs a wardrobe.

I only have to chose,

To enter or leave each moment

With well-dressed mind.

Life or Death

Here is the day.

And it wasn’t my first thought.

Is that shameless forgetfulness?

Is it proof of fearlessness?


Only a few clipped hours until

3650 hours have slipped from the clock

87000 hours have chimed


Hustle schedules,

Who cries today?

Who is more alone than I have ever been?

Who’s lap is empty? Arms are limp?

Lips unmet, who’s eyes unlocked.


A moment stole joy and plans,

Two moments reformed worlds.


The earth keeled 2000 years ago,

Rocked in its bed of space.

One death overshadowed every man.

Yet so few would see

The barrier rent, the tombs expel their dead.

Reverse of pain, the end of hell.

For hope, for God’s sake, Tell!