March’s Schedule

Welcome to March, well almost. Here, February will slide right into the year’s third month with a poem. We’ll recognize March beginning in its first full week.

Sadly, today I have been inundated with cultural lies that I’d rather not address. The first one slammed me brutal and early from the morning news on the radio. But its aftershock was even worse. I looked up the headline on the internet which led me to a related lie that took my breath away. I wish I felt there was more of a benefit to making you aware of these lies too. Perhaps there is, if only to help you recognize and avoid them; to help you protect your children and fly to the truth that is Jesus Christ. So, I’ll take the first week of March to mention these:

1. An old, pervasive lie that reinvents itself with every generation: young girls convinced that they are ugly and fat. In their minds, this equates to being worthless, rejected, doomed for the rest of their earthly days.

2. Related to the above, Thinspiration. Heard of it? If not, consider yourself lucky. As I share the crux of this lie, I speak from personal experience. I won’t share links. This is the one that sank like a sharp stone in my gut. Oh how it hurts to know and remember.

3. This last one is a world-wide lie. Lost jobs, failed crops. Rising prices, lost homes. Unforeseen bills, surprise broken plumbing, stalled cars and illness. It’s tempting to wallow in hopelessness. It’s tempting to fudge on taxes or look for loopholes in financial obligations. It’s tempting to keep our tithe in bottom drawer.

The second week in March, I am excited to share a dawning truth in my own life. I am in the process of renewing my certification as personal trainer. I let my certification through IFPA lapse nearly 5 years ago. Though I have entertained the idea of doing it again several times, I always shied away, fearful that anorexia and exercise addiction would rear their ugly heads again. I didn’t believe that God could use my weakness in this area, that He could apply His strength in me and glorify Himself as He conquered the sin where I have fallen so many times before. So, as I’m studying, God has been showing me parallels between our physical bodies, training and our spiritual growth and discipline.

During the third week of March, I want to do a character study on Moses. My sisters and I have been studying holiness in a Precept study called, “Living Like You Belong to God.” The study focuses on the unholy behavior of the Israelites as God drew them away from their bondage in Egypt. God drew defining lines around His people. He called them out to be like Himself – set apart and utterly different from the nations around them. The Israelites faltered over and over, despite their very godly leader Moses. God insisted on using Moses, a stuttering, shy man to lead His people. Moses came to be defined as the most humble man that ever lived, a friend of God, and one with whom God spoke face-to-face.

The truth is that God makes us holy. Regardless of where we come from and how long it takes us to get our feet under us as we follow Him – Jesus is the cause, the means and the effect of our holiness.

Finally, week four. I might be saving the best for last. A continual student of Moody Ministries, I will again be reviewing a book that they published, Counterfeit Gospels. That’s pretty obvious, of course we’ll be discussing lies about the gospel that have invaded the pulpit. We will study to be wary, diligent and effective in our own churches.

Join me!

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Merry Christmas!

Wishing You a Grinch-less Christmas!

I do have a selfish reason for this post and very sincere Christmas wish: please tell me any lies that you ever heard or believed about Christmas. Everything from how quickly your parents broke the news about Santa Clause to terrible secrets that were exposed one perfect Christmas morning. Have the Happy Holidays ever hurt you? I want to discuss these here – so chat it up!

Sticks and Stones

Fat toad!

Ugly cow!

Stupid, dummy, loser…

Sticks and stones may break my bones,

But words?

Words so slowly kill me.

Epithet born of anger,

Hurled thoughtless at friend or stranger.

Lies and half-truths on wings take flight,

Child-like blows harsh but light.

But what of truth?

What do I do when your words have merit?

Just a…

housewife, janitor, mommy.

Uneducated, Alone, Poor.

These aren’t just phrases,

Empty parrot.

But crash against who I wish to be.

Erode like silt my feeble image,

Dream of shoulds and oughts.

I clamber back for some stable footing,

Who I was, could be, chose to be, want to be.

Is it enough to claim contentment,

When threads of doubt pill my conscience?

Come unraveled seeking solace.

Tomorrow rises, echo of before,

And I’m still me, just me.

And nothing more.

Composed for Thursday Poet’s Rally

Friends discovered in common language,

Words compelled or chosen.

Found or sought, rhymed or random.

Their motives subjective to imagination.

There lies the beauty, the joy, the appeal,

Every poem, every word, to each one,


I nominate Wolfsrosebud for the Perfect Poets Award!

Honestly, Happy Mother’s Day

Your mom had eyes in the back of her head.  She saw through every little white lie as if they were told of cellophane.  She dug up half truths and sleuthed out deception with an uncanny wisdom that would embarrass Sherlock Holmes.

But a few insidious lies got by her. They weren’t the lies you and I told her, but the same ones we fall for. The false implications, the inadvertent comments and persuasions we adopt by simply living in the world. The same lies she spent your entire childhood trying to reveal to you.

In an age of feminists and women’s empowerment, women who make Mommy their full-time career are sidelined.  She might escape the downward glances of her more “successful” peers if she worked outside the home before she had children.  If she can boast more than one degree or start a profitable business from home, then she can quickly validate her decision to stay home with her kids.

And there’s a little lie that poisons our grandmothers.  Grandmas are not relevant anymore.  Generations X and Y have evolved into electronic geniuses.  They communicate better with their thumbs than their lips, so Grandma is resigned to showing off their pictures instead of hanging out with them.  A flip side to this little lie is that Grandma has earned retirement from all forms of motherhood.  She is no longer obligated to be a part of any child’s life.

I’m sorry, I sound so pessimistic.  I truly want to wish my mother and grandmothers and mother-in-law a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!  The are the most influential people in my life.  If I grow up to be like them, I know the Lord will be pleased!

If you really want to honor the mothers in your life, do more than send a card.  You don’t have to do it this Sunday, but before next Mother’s Day, make sure you admire a stay-at-home mom.  Write Grandma a USPS letter or ask her opinion about something on your mind.  She’s smarter than you I promise!

Is this how you see it?  If you are a stay-at-home mom, what is your experience?  Grandma, what’s the last fun thing you did with your grandchildren?

And finally, a very light note, check out some of these hilarious lies that our mothers once told us!

Lies’s Our Parents Told Us