Guest Post at SheLovesMagazine

Sometimes I think everyone knows my story. Goodness, I thought I knew my story. But as I began to write this piece for SheLovesMagazine, the editor, Idelette, kept sending me small editing suggestions. The more I worked, the clearer my own story became  – to me!

I saw pride in myself, mingled with fear and longing. It was more than a joy to join SheLoves authors in sharing a little bit about what my Jesus has done for me. It was life-giving.

To Need Nothing, Is to be Like God

Scuffed-up Sunday Shoes

There’s no limit to my neediness, 

And none to your sufficiency.

Great is your faithfulness to me.

I prepare myself before our time, pre-think each word I say.

I am hungry for your approval.

But my best, my very strongest effort is

Like a child proudly standing with two colored ruffled socks, mix-matched shoes, disheveled ponytails lopsided on the my head.

A drowsy-Christian sleepy head.

You still smile in eternal goodness

At my attempt to be grown up.

“See God, how much I pray,

And my how I’ve kept my home?

I never miss a morning and marked off all my chores.”

But lovely daughter, once I’m on your knee, you say.

That was not my plan for you today.

Come first to me – still rumpled and rough. 

I will ready and dress you. 

Because today we are going to the streets. 

Today you will work with all MY effort

Until you think you’re exhausted

Then find more of me. 

Today you won’t need your Sunday shoes. 

You missed one, but I am going to leave a smudge on your cheek. 

And I will clean, but leave that wound on your knee. 

Remember, exhibit my sufficiency.