If I fit nowhere
If I have no home or beloved
If I have no posterity
If I have no purpose or calling

If I fit nowhere
If like a missing puzzle piece
I lie lost and trampled on the floor
If I’m shuffled under shadow
forgotten and discarded
If I am wedged into painful places
or tossed useless in the box

If all my life seems forfeit
If I am irrelevant to a box-lid world
That sees beauty only by definition
This one thing will I recall
This one truth hold dear
Then this will secure the joy of all my life

That HE has claimed me.
That HE has done it.
And it is marvelous in my eyes.
Ps. 118:23



Like a fragmented puzzle with a missing piece,

One little lost brain.

Hopeless shards of memories and plans.

Snatches of prayers and purpose,

Locked in a coifed box, then shaken and stirred.

No single thought carried to conclusion.

One little lost brain.

Creativity won’t fit with solemnity,

And tomorrow won’t agree with today.

Hours chased in a million directions.

An hourglass with no bottom.

Grains of potential spilling on the floor.