Too Close To Home

 For years, he rang the bells of his church as an expression of praise to God – until the city of Phoenix wrongly determined that the bells violated a local noise ordinance. As a result, a judge sentenced Bishop Painter to jail!

In Michigan, the radical group “Bash Back” invaded Mount Hope Church and disrupted a church service while showering the congregation with propaganda on homosexual behavior.

A straight-A student at Tomah High School in Wisconsin drew a picture in art class containing a cross and Scripture reference. His teacher removed the drawing from the classroom display and gave him a zero for the assignment, a formal reprimand, and two days of detention. Why? Because his art work depicted religious beliefs, which violated the school’s unconstitutional policy.

It’s tempting and hopeful to think that religious freedom is only shrinking in small aspects of life in America. Maybe it’s just in public universities. Maybe it’s only happening in extremely liberal cities. Maybe it’s not that bad. After all, our lives as Christians aren’t threatened in the United States. Praise the Lord that’s still true. But, the above stories are true. They are real cases that the Alliance Defense Fund has litigated.

During the last week of April, we discussed some terrible stories of religious persecution worldwide. What are we going to do to protect our religious freedom in America – arguably, in history, the defining characteristic of our nation?

“If we ever forget that we’re one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under.”
– President Ronald Reagan