Desert Altars, Crusty Seashores

Deserts and altars.

A crusty seashore .

All Jesus asks for is more.

Do you love me?

I love you Lord! You know I love you.

Will you give me what you love?

But you gave me the love of my heart!

God, Father, Jesus! You have my love!

Isn’t it enough?

I lay before you all my heart.

My heart weakens when we part.

So I double my efforts to love you more.

All Jesus asks for is more.

Desert altars.

Slay your son.

Crusty seashore.

Will you die? Do you love me more than…

How easy it is to profess your love.

How easy it is to speak. Sing your songs and

speak my name.

But I call you to give me what you love.

Slay your son.

Lay down your life.

What do you long for, to what gifts do you cling?

What charms your heart and brings you joy?

Lay it down. Give it to me.

On a desert altar, a crusty seashore.

How can you love me when your hands are full?

How can you love me when your joy pulses from somewhere else?

Give me WHAT you love. That is the essence of true love.

On a desert altar, slay your son.

On a crusty seashore, walk away from your

livelihood, companions, plans, your nets, your boat…love me more than these.

All Jesus asks for is more.