, or fits my robot?

Thursday, I tried on bathing suits with my sister – two piece bathing suits!!  A spontaneous splurge sent us to Target to find appropriate tanning garb, so that we could sit by the pool and drink calorie-laden, delicious margaritas.  And I lived through it!

Not only did I live through it, I spent $60 on the torturous device.  And I felt pretty!  And I played in the pool, and I drank half the pitcher of margaritas!  (don’t worry, we weren’t driving)

So, I was disappointed to read about the Fits.merobot in the cyber world today.  Would you use a virtual program to avoid trying on clothing the old fashioned way?  Why?

Enough Said.

Saturdays can be kind of slow around here, so I decided to spice things up a bit.

I started off wondering about Top 10’s.  What do you think the Top 10 Craziest Moments in Body Image were this last year?  Is it any wonder where our internal lies about our bodies come from?

So, let’s make this fun!  There are 2 ways to win and 4 will be winners.  Either:

Follow the picture-link below, view the pictures and leave a comment and include this link in your comment:


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Four winners will receive a copy of Harriet Brown’s book, “Feed Me!”  She does have a new book out, so we may have another contest later – she’s a great author!  Stay tuned too, because if you win, I will need your contact information!  Good Luck!

Is There A Perfect Body?

Take this quiz: On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied are you with the “perfection” of your body?  On second thought, DON’T.  You are likely to be depressed.  Unless you are unusually egotistical, crazy self-confident, or completely oblivious, you, Dear Woman, are probably convinced that you are physically far from perfect.

It’s a lie that I wake up with nearly every morning.  To be honest, I go to bed nearly every night attempting to plan out my perfect workout program for the next day.  I suffer through the ever changing opinions and simultaneously contradictory philosophies of Muscle and Fitness Hers, “The New Rules of Weight Lifting for Women,” Shape and Fitness.  I believe that if I can find the most excellent balance of cardio, strength training, intervals, stretching, yoga and ab work then someday, over the rainbow, I will wake up the next morning fully satisfied with my body.

What is the lie?  Is it that I can achieve the perfect body?  Is the lie that there IS a perfect body?  Is the lie that everyone else is happy with their bodies? Whatever the falsity, I know that I am not the only woman caught in this whirlpool of self-doubt.  I am not the only woman valiantly hanging onto some shred of dignity while her senses are swarmed with images of Victoria’s Secret models, headlines declaring DO THIS FOR THE PERFECT BODY, jingles singing, “Drink this, swallow that and wake up thin,” “These jeans will make your best friends envious!”  Even comic relief sighs with the hidden message that we must keep trying harder to obtain the perfect body, “God if you won’t make me skinny, please make all my friends fat!”

I can tell you it’s a lie.  You know it’s a lie, but as long as society continues its vicious attack on women’s bodies, it seems like we barely stand a chance to find peace with our appearance.  I found this video with a two-word search on Google, “women, bodies.”   Get a death grip on your sense of self before you watch it.

What do you think?  Can you believe that men were given a chance to design the perfect woman?  Would you, as woman, take that opportunity?  What goes through your mind when you see these advertisements and images, or hear the latest rant on obesity?  What variables affect your self-perspective?