Endless Beginning

Servant, Child

Lamb of mine.

Once I stepped into your time.

Never before had I curbed my power

Paid homage to a ruthless hour.


Beneath the burden of your yesterdays

And the looming knowledge of my own tomorrow,

I wept, I laughed and I shared your sorrow.

You cringe with ending, each night a mystery.

Does life await with next sun’s warmth?


I once inhaled the fog of death.

But of my own, breathed out life-breath.

In my plan of beginnings, life’s fruit a bounty

I first exhaled life’s breath.

I watched the lungs I gave to you



Take it in! I smiled

All true and new.

Take it in and begin

With nothing to prove.

Earth Groans

The earth groaned yesterday.

It declared your intention to complete the world.


I miss the tiny petals as flowers unfurl.

In day-to-day I oft don’t see

The miracle  occuring in the stretching of a tree.

Beneath the huff of invisitble breaths,

Or the life that blooms from death.

The single kept promise of the rising of the sun,

The course the seasons silently run.

The simple thoughts of love you carry,

Between hearts and minds.

Not the under-groan

Of earth for home.

The forever you promised

All things new.