A New Review of My Book

Brenda Blakely recently posted this review of my book, The Predatory Lies of Anorexia: A Survivor’s Story. 

I am inexplicably grateful for her kind words and insight. Here’s a taste…

I have the privilege of participating in the Faithwriters Free Reads for Review program. I am so very glad that one of the books I choose to read and review was Abby Kelly’s The Predatory Lies of Anorexia. Abby is a wonderful writer but this sensitive topic brought out a new depth of expression and insight. It was a learning experience from the GETGO. The book helped me to realize a lot of the questions in my own life had answers very different from what I expected and laid cautious thought before many of my pre-concieved notions. It also made me very aware of the dangerous lies we tell ourselves regarding the idols in our lives. Blessings as you read on for more.

Last year, I reviewed Brenda’s excellent book, The 11:45 Call. You can read that here…

You can purchase my book on Amazon here…

Book Review, The 11:45 Call

The 11:45 Call, is an expository Bible study of the book of Jude.  Appropriately titled, it 71ltULww0YL._SL1500_highlights the urgency of the times. Co-authors, Joel F. Blakely and Brenda Klutz Blakely, methodically excavate each verse, urging readers to apply Jude’s call to “contend for the faith”, to their own lives. With probing application questions at the end of each chapter, the Blakelys help readers to intimately sense the significance of their own lives and the importance of their personal knowledge of the Word of God.

The tiny book of Jude is often overlooked by even the most devoted students of the Bible. Positioned right before the least understood, most controversial book of the Bible, Revelation, and immediately after a trio of potent, little letters by the well-known author, John, the pages of Jude conceal a weighty treasure. Joel and Brenda Blakely’s expository method makes these difficult passages clear and applicable.

Expository study is the method of using Scripture to explain Scripture. The Bible is the complete and inherent word of God. Therefore, it can be trusted to contain all the answers, all that we need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3). While expository study sounds intimidating, particularly to new Christians, The 11:45 Call, is an excellent resource for beginning students of The Word.

The format is simple. Each chapter is dedicated to one verse in the short book of Jude. Opening each chapter, the verse in focus is provided in full text. Then the Blakely’s break it down phrase by phrase.

The 11:45 Call, is thorough, so there is no need for numerous additional resources. Full definitions of Greek words are provided where needed and concise explanations are given for individual phrases. Each segment is supported by numerous cross references in full text.

There is little room for critique or complaint when authors stick so closely to divine truth. The Blakelys are faithful not to dilute the impact of God’s Word with opinion or speculation. Instead, this is explanation in its simplest form.

While this book is sufficient for personal study, I think that it is much more suitable for group study. Alone, it is too easy to read the text and be scarcely affected because the explanations seem so obvious. However, used in a dynamic group setting, the simplicity of this book will spark rigorous, Christ-centered, life changing conversation.