One Day to the Next

A delightful morning of 68 degrees.

How you confound your creation with

Tsunami-rash changes of tone, texture and shadowing effects.

One day an abrasive yellow orb

Scratches earth’s surface with scalding rays.

Flowers pine for refreshment  and people hid in shadows.

On its heels pursues a gale that pitches grit across the sidewalk.

Leaves escape their branches and scurry to messy piles of friends.

We predict a storm!

Red sky, it happens every time.

Batten hatches, sneak to bed, ears craning for claps of thunder.

Hush small one, can you see tomorrow?

A yolk cracks on eastern sky and

Begins to thin the chill.

Stillness permeates the waves

As earth bows to Sovereign will.

(Ps. 96:11-13, 97:5)

The Lie: This is All There Is

Jesus, there is no satisfaction deeper than you.

Though, I vainly seek a morsel of fulfillment here,

It is like sifting grains of fine white sand.

Left holding partial shells and pretty stones

That others have discarded.

No intrinsic worth, nothing to last and please me.


I abandon my treasure, empty bucket, and stare across the sea.

You, my Jesus, come walking on the water.

You’re headed straight for me.

I take your hand and walk out

Where mortals aren’t meant to go.


Rumbles of ecstatic waves curl beneath my feet.

Untamed sunlight dances before each step.

My hands are empty now.


Jesus, if I throw all I am seeking down,

Will you lead me on the water?

In your presence the shore recedes.

We can walk forever,

Your presence and sustaining hand all my pleasure.