“I rejoice to …

“I rejoice to think that all things are at thy disposal, and it delights me to leave them there. Then prayer turns wholly into praise, and all I can do is to adore and bless thee.”

A puritan prayer from, The Valley of Vision

But why do I ev…

But why do I even worry about every moment having to contribute to productivity? We love going there. Our lives are hectic and stressed, and we’re often too ill to take advantage of small breaks. When our son is well enough and we can carve out the time … Why ever not?

For days afterwards, I don’t turn on the noisy radio, or stay up too late surfing on the internet til my eyes turn red and my brain numb. I am able to dwell with silence.

Dry land produces very little, the seed starved of moisture dies, or waits, dormant.

Physical places like these are the luminous corners of my life, the green ditches fermenting wonder.

I don’t visit them nearly often enough.

Comfort food for the creator’s soul…In the Ditch, by Anne-Marie Heckt 

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SEP 20 // Rigid…

SEP 20 // Rigid rules about food and weight won’t bring you any closer to God. It may feel “safe” to shape your life with rules, but ultimately the more you focus on keeping them, the less likely you are to make decisions based on love and freedom. This perpetuates a cycle of “slip-ups,” followed by self-punishment, shame, resolve and then another slip-up. Christ’s death on the cross brought an end to rule-keeping as a form of righteousness. Ask him today to help you give yourself grace to abandon rigid rules in favor of a life of balanced moderation. //

“If a living relationship with God could come by rule-keeping, then Christ died unnecessarily.” 

–  Gal. 2:24 (MSG) 

From FINDINGbalance.com

Resisting the c…

Resisting the compulsion to capture the moment, I instead chose a different route: to appreciate it. Sitting there and allowing the scene to take me, I knew there was something sacred in that moment, something special and important about being there.

I love the reminder that there is more in the middle of a moment than in the mere memory of it. Thank you

I encourage you…

I encourage you today to identify your personal food gift from God. Treat yourself to a moment of wistful celebration as you completely enjoy your yummy taste-pleaser. When you’re done, do a quick Google™ search for nutrition info of your personal-food gift and allow a few moments in thanksgiving to the One who knows you best–the One who cares deeply for your happiness and well-being. Our Abba Father.

I can hardly share enough from the wealth of wisdom available at Haven Journal. Enjoy this one from Heather Letto.

I can hardly share enough from the wealth of wisdom available at Haven Journal. Enjoy this one from Heather Letto. 

But, no worries…

But, no worries. My muscles and bones are strong, my balance is impeccable and my aerobic capacity is great! Why? Well, basically because God has granted me to live a fit and healthy lifestyle for the past thirty years.

“…unfortunately, it was all fueled by pride and self-idolatry. I wanted to look like the girls in the magazines. Who didn’t, right?”

You’ve read my stor(ies). Now read Heather’s. Another excellent piece on Haven Journal.

Our culture has…

Our culture has become obsessed with rules. Natural health is now a religion with violent opposing denominations. Some swear that whole grains are the bane of human health; others say they save lives. “Caveman” dieters say vegetarians are nuts; vegetarians promise they aren’t nuts they just eat nuts, and paleo isn’t a diet but an evil virus. In order to promote one “super” source of nutrition, media denounces another.

The world is blessed to hear Esse’s voice from a variety of directions! 

Haven Journal

Be Well

I didn’t realiz…

I didn’t realize what I was doing when I chose to “split” off that part of myself. I only knew that sending her into exile seemed the only way to survive the pain.

I did this with writing. I didn’t even know that I severed that part of myself until God had picking up magazines off the floor at Barnes and Noble. I picked up a Writer’s Digest magazine and the cover had a quote by someone saying something about how writing made them feel alive and gave them insight into their own soul. I picked up a pen the very next morning. It’s so fulfilling and amazing to see God connect passion and purpose. The one thing that makes me feel more ME than anything else is the same thing that is becoming my own ministry. God is good!

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